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Los Angeles Property Management

If you're looking for assistance managing your residential or commercial property, or in running your homeowners or condominium association, we can help you achieve the highest results in receiving the full benefits of owning an investment property. We are a full service Los Angeles Property Management company based in Los Angeles (LA).

We apply our skills and experience in solving problems that typically arise in rental properties to ensure both, owner and tenant satisfaction. Keeping tenants happy is the key to maximize return on your investment. We also provide cash flow analysis and monthly cost and fee analysis to minimize your risk and cost and maximize profit from your investment. Click here for your Free Quote!

We will help you:

  • Reduce expenses
  • Increase cash flow
  • Achieve profitable property ownership

Why NCDG Realty & Property Management?

We have over 200 collective years of experience managing communities and properties of all sizes and types. We are the only company offering an innovative approach of “real time” tracking and visibility to your properties’ operations. Throughout our company, we extensively train a network of people who share a passion for service and a commitment to meeting your needs. Please take a few minutes and review some of the aspects of our property management below.


We use all available sources to find qualified tenants including advertisement, open houses, and most important the relocation network to fill vacancies as they arise, maximizing your property's revenue stream.
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Two-Week Billing Period

Our billing period is every two weeks. This means, if you are a landowner or a landlord you will receive the profit of your investment once available every two weeks. No need to wait until next month to get late payments and rent income.


Credit Check

At NCDG Realty & Property Management, we run extensive credit reports on prospective tenants. We examine carefully every single application and reject automatically those who show an eviction on record.
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Rent Collections

We will take responsibility for collecting rent from tenants and will make every effort to ensure that tenants pay in full and on time. In case an eviction becomes necessary, we will represent the owner in court.
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Cash Flow Analysis

We will provide you periodically with a revenue & expense statement and a cash flow analysis for a better overview of your investment. The cash flow analysis is available on our website for customers.
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Maintenance and Repairs

We offer the flexibility of using your choice of professionals or to use our licensed and bonded team selected for responsiveness, quality of work, and cost efficiency.
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Los Angeles Property Management

LA Property Management is the means by which you turn investment real estate into money. Property management is not just leasing a property to a renter and walking away or just collecting a rent check every month. Property Management is the daily maintenance of the tenant-landlord relationship. Tenant-landlord relationship is very important to renting success. It includes effective communication, property maintenance, periodic inspections, repairs and improvements. Rental property requires diligent care.

At NCDG Realty & Property Management, Los Angeles Property Management, our staff handles phone calls, leasing, sales appointments, tenant requests for information, late night emergency calls, rent collection, evictions, work orders, maintenance, contractors, city, county and other government entities, licensing, inspections, fire marshals, advertising, trash collection, housing authority, lawyers, peddlers, agents, gas and other utilities, insurance claims, the EPA, storm damage, and all the necessary services.

NCDG Realty & Property Management Property Management was founded on the need for an extremely versatile fee Los Angeles property management company that provides professional services to all of East Coast. We offer a variety of property management services for single family property management, multifamily property management, commercial property management, and condominiums. Los Angeles Property Management prides our self on our "hands on" supervision of each property.

NCDG Realty & Property Management understands that each property is unique; therefore we personalize our property management services to meet the needs of each owner and property. To fulfill our mission, our dedication is to; assemble an assortment of Real Estate Management Professionals to increase income, enhance real estate assets, personalize service, yield the greatest return for the owner, and provide the best property management solution.

Our services for property owners free you from the often-confusing business of managing rental property and property management.  We have experience with all aspects of Los Angeles property management, including accounting, general management, leasing, maintenance management, and residential rent stabilization and arbitration board services.

We provide live online monitoring of your property in our property management service. You will be provided with a login username and password which will allow you to look at your properties online in our Los Angeles property management section and monitor ongoing maintenance and tasks, and payments and rent status.

Looking for a rental Property? 
NCDG Realty & Property Management has some of the nicest properties for rent.  We have rental property listing on our website in our rental property section.
If you have properties that you want to rent and having trouble finding dependable renters, we can help you. Use our Los Angeles property management service to increase your return on your investment. We have strict rules to keep the vacancy rate low and make sure all of our rental properties are operational.