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Whether you're planning on buying or selling a home, choosing the right Real Estate Agent is one of the most important decisions you'll make. At NCDG Realty & Property Management, we have monthly team building activities, initiative games & problem solving exercises to ensure all of our agents are together working as A team. All of our agents are also trained and monitored monthly to ensure the highest quality customer service. This involves responsiveness, full attention to the client's needs and ideas, knowledge of the latest up-to-date information about prices, financing, terms and conditions, and the housing market. We provide our agents with the latest financial news and analysis to help you make the right choice.

Most real estate agents stay in business because satisfied clients refer them to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Therefore, we ensure all of our agents have the highest customer satisfaction. Our Los Angeles Real Estate Agents are the country's most referred agents. They are backed by our advanced marketing team and a strong legal team.

We also have an experienced technology and marketing team to help our agents find the best method to advertise your home, or find the best pricing to buy your new home.

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