Private Construction & Development

The construction process in today's retail environment is a lengthy exercise in uniting several disparate groups in the common goal of completing your construction project. NCDG Realty & Property Management is committed to providing high quality retail construction and maintenance services to our customers. The management of this process, and the organizational factions involved, is key to a successful building program. Our knowledge, experience and expertise in this fast paced and chaotic environment, combined with our passion for performance, makes us the leading contractor.

Construction Process

We actively defend/represent our clients’ interests to minimize costs, maintain quality, develop and control schedule. We review existing buildings as requested by clients. We review construction documents for all aspects of quality, cost efficiency and conformity to the clients’ standards. We submit drawings and plans to the building department for plan review and track progress. We coordinate and negotiate all vendor packages and budgets. We create and finalize schedules. After review of the current design criteria we establish efficiencies and buying discounts. After the completion of the project final inspections are done to ensure delivery of a high-quality project.

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