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What is Short Sale?

A Short Sale is a sale of real estate in which the lender agrees to take less than the amount owed on the debt, in return for the sale of the property to a third party, usually at no cost to the borrower and in most situations, the lenders will remove any further mortagage debt to the homeowner. Simply fill out the form above and get started. There is no cost to you. Start Today!

Why Short Sale?

Short Sales are your best defense against Foreclosure. Additionally, short sales release homeowners from bad mortgage debt and provide a fresh start without major damage to your credit report.

Benefit of Short Sale?

There are many benefits to Short Sale. Short Sale helps to save your credit history. It is fastest solution to Foreclosure and you can qualify even if you are behind in your payment. You will be eligible to buy new home in 2 years or sometimes eligible to buy new home immediately. There are no mortgage payment to make and your bad mortgage debt will be removed. It is a Win - Win for you and the Lender. Short Sale now! Don't let your property go into foreclosure.

Why Short Sale with us:

  • FREE - No Cost to You.
  • Avoid Foreclosure!
  • Real Mortgage Debt Relief.
  • Restore Your Credit.
  • Back Taxes Elimination.
  • Receive Cash Back Bank Incentives.
  • Take Advantage of New Short Sale and Buy Program.
  • We have over 95% plus Success Rate.

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