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Real Estate Investing

The current economic conditions have created an unprecedented opportunity to buy real estate at ahistorically low prices.
As more people are having trouble paying their mortgage and can not afford to stay in their homes, they will still need a place to live. They have no choice other than to move into a rental property. This has resulted in rental demand in Michigan to increase week-over-week since last year which helped maintain the average rental price throughout Michigan even though home prices have declined. This has created an unprecedented opportunity for investors to take advantage of the historically low home prices in the state of Michigan.

What can we do for you?

It is a very expensive and time consuming task to find the right investment, inspect it and take the necessary actions to purchase it. At NCDG Realty & Property Management, we'll be able to find these great investment opportunities and help you make the highest return on your investment. We have secured a number of exciting Property and Land investment opportunities for property investors that has an average of 20%+ return per year. Here is our four-step process after you signup for our package

Step One: Finding the right investment opportunity

  • Search for high potential properties
  • Physical inspection of each property
  • Compare and contrast each property
  • Present the selection to you

Step Two: Purchase the investment property

  • Negotiate the price down to the lowest possible price
  • Help get funding(loan) if needed
  • Final inspection before closing
  • Closing

Step Three: Maintenance and Repair

  • Gather high quality contractors
  • Negotiate on your behalf with contractors to lower costs
  • Pull permits (electric, plumbing, roof etc..)
  • Deliver materials to job site
  • Inspection of contractor/workers while on the job
  • Order city inspections

Step Four: Find qualified tenants

  • Advertise to all of our sources
  • Background check and credit check
  • Create a lease or an agreement between the landlord(you) and the tenant
  • Rent Collection
  • Frequent inspection of the property and Management

Through NCDG Realty & Property Management's Real Estate Investing Package YOU will be able to purchase these homes significantly under the market value. You will easily be able to make a profit of 30%+ on your investment within months if you decide to sell. Value appreciation over a period of time will also increase your return over the next few years as the economy becomes more stable.

What can we do for you?

Our experienced team of real estate agents will source a list of high potential properties, physically inspect each property, compare and contrast each property and present them to you. You will then decide which one fits your needs and we will start the process.

There is no other actions needed on your part. We will handle everything from purchasing the property to restoring and maintenance to managing it. As the top Property Management Company in Michigan, you will have the comfort of knowing your investment properties are in the right hands. You will have online access to their activities and everything is done electronically and accessible from our website

How do I get started?

Fill out the form below and one of our real estate agents will contact you within 24hrs. Or call us toll-free at 888-782-2220 (M-F 9AM-5PM ET).

As the economy is recovering, demand is growing and prices are increasing. Find out how you can make thousands of dollars within months. Fill out the form above to get more information today. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

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